Why some music is better than Others

Movie Soundtracks and Classical Music

A Buzzfeed article, though likely written with honest intent, summed up certain issues regarding Classical music which I find frustrating. The article, like all on Buzzfeed, was structured as a list, and comprised of “songs” one would likely recognize, but would not know their titles. Many of the pieces included were famous works of Classical […]

Why some Music is Better than Others Part 1.5: The New Minstrelsy, “Chain Hang Low” and “Old Zip Coon” are Pretty Much the Same Song

Much of heavily promoted hip hop music is intended to be consumed by white audiences. When one listens to many modern hip hop albums in their entirety one is astonished by the large amount of “comedy”, relative to the number of actual songs. Furthermore, much of the audience frequently does not take the musical accompaniment […]

Why some Music is Better than Others, Part 1: Pharrel’s “Happy” and Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Freude, schöner Götterfunken”

The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu had an idea. Among his other theories, he contended that distinction of aesthetic judgements on a scale of quality were based fundamentally on extant power structures most importantly, Bourdieu  being a Marxist, class. Bourdieu was a contributor to a notion known as “cultural relativism”. The development of cultural relativism had […]