Modern Trends that are Actually Old

“Modern” “Trends” That are Actually Old, pt. II: Steel and Glass Buildings, and “Labour Saving” Devices that Make Your Life Harder

The defenders of Modernist, Brutalist, and Post-Modern architecture often consider modern architecture to be a symbol of progress and the new, this applies to anyone who uses the term “modern” in any context. However, in reference to architecture, “modern” has at times become a euphemism for cheaply built, leading to architecturally unpleasing and unsound buildings. […]

“Modern” “Trends” that are Actually Old, Part I: “Unique” Names for Children Originated with the Least Hippie People Ever

To keep the news cycle turning, from time to time a celebrity will encumber their children with a “unique” name, using their offspring as a means to continue their fleeting presence in the public mind. “Apple” and “North” West are two examples of this phenomenon. Celebrities have been doing this for some time now, David […]