Introduction and Mission Statement

There’s No Such Thing as a Dumb Question, part IX: What’s the Date Today?

Most governments and international organizations have adopted a standard calendar system. The Western Calendar is used for the purposes of business, politics, and international law. This however is not a total consensus. The world’s religions have different calendars, as do certain governments. According to North Korea’s glorious Juche calendar, this article was written in the year 104. Calendars […]

Four Words and Phrases that *aren’t* Actually Offensive

The internet is peppered with lists of common terms and idioms which they purport have offensive origins. In truth, there are many such terms, these include “gypped”, relating to “gypsies”, “paddy wagon”, relating to Irishmen, “Paddys”, and obviously “Indian Giver”, someone who gives or sells something and then wants it back, relating to beliefs about the […]

Blog Mission Statement

This blog will intend to both amuse and inform. It will feature hopefully around three articles a week during more leisurely periods. The three articles will follow the approximate three themes: Kickass History of the week, a sort of catch-all article on any particular interesting event, Kickass World War Two story of the week, since […]

Introduction: “Kickass” History?

What do I mean by “Kickass History”? I don’t mean kickass in the sense of “this beer is kickass”, in that it’s good, nor do I mean “kickass” as in “this party kicks ass” in the sense of “fun”. I mean kickass in the car chase sense, the Darth Vader sense, the James Bond sense. […]