Ancient Aliens aren’t Real

Largely thanks to the internet and a drive for ratings by the History Channel, so-called “Ancient Astronaut Theories” have resurfaced in the public imagination. Originally popular with New Age/Hippie types in the 1970’s, they found a renewed popularity among conspiracy theorists, and of course among their original demographic as well. However, these are works of proven liars […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Dumb Question, part IX: What’s the Date Today?

Most governments and international organizations have adopted a standard calendar system. The Western Calendar is used for the purposes of business, politics, and international law. This however is not a total consensus. The world’s religions have different calendars, as do certain governments. According to North Korea’s glorious Juche calendar, this article was written in the year 104. Calendars […]

A Brief Explanation of Protestantism

The exact number of Protestant denominations is not definitively known, some estimates go as high as over thirty thousand. This is likely impossibly large, and furthermore the vast majority of Protestants worldwide belong to a handful of major groups. These are, in no particular order: Anglicans, Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Evangelicals, and Pentecostals. There are many […]

Four Words and Phrases that *aren’t* Actually Offensive

The internet is peppered with lists of common terms and idioms which they purport have offensive origins. In truth, there are many such terms, these include “gypped”, relating to “gypsies”, “paddy wagon”, relating to Irishmen, “Paddys”, and obviously “Indian Giver”, someone who gives or sells something and then wants it back, relating to beliefs about the […]

There’s no Such Thing as a Dumb Question, pt. VIII: Why is English Spelling so Strange?

For those new to English as well as native speakers, English spelling is unendingly perplexing. Bow and bow are totally different words; the former rhyming with bough and the latter with mow. For a language which is so widely used in business and science this seems incredibly illogical. The answer to this question lies in […]

Five Reasons the 1990’s Actually Kind of Sucked

Clickbait websites, most notably Buzzfeed, are full of “articles” replete with pictures of 1990’s fads. A large component of the most internet saturated among us grew up during this decade. Seeing images of Kid Pix, Tamagochi, and Capri Sun juice packets give the reader a whiff of nostalgia for their childhood. Dangerously however, nostalgia is […]

Why I’m Not a “Feminist”™

One who can define their entire political belief system in a single word is likely a simplistic and ideological minded person, lacking in nuance and intellectual curiosity. This blog has perhaps been somewhat hard on Libertarians; such as when it contended they live in an upside-down nonsense world. Nevertheless, there are still certain issues this […]