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Dictators Who Weren’t (Entirely) Horrific, pt. 1: Josip “Tito” Broz

Nowadays, one hears the term “democracy” almost daily. Evocative words such as “freedom”, “liberty”, “justice”, and “democratic” have come to mean little more than “good” in contemporary rhetoric. It is easy to forget that democratic societies have been the anomaly for most of history. Even the concept of “democracy” has changed considerably. Britain, a very […]

There’s No Such Thing as a Dumb Question, pt. VI: So what’s the deal with the Middle East?

The geographical concept of the “Middle East” is a vague region between Morocco in the West, Turkey to the North, and ends in the South and East along an indeterminate border lying between Iran, Russian Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the other Central Asian nations. Arguably, the Balkans, being part of the former Turkish Empire and […]

“Modern” “Trends” That are Actually Old, pt. II: Steel and Glass Buildings, and “Labour Saving” Devices that Make Your Life Harder

The defenders of Modernist, Brutalist, and Post-Modern architecture often consider modern architecture to be a symbol of progress and the new, this applies to anyone who uses the term “modern” in any context. However, in reference to architecture, “modern” has at times become a euphemism for cheaply built, leading to architecturally unpleasing and unsound buildings. […]

The Folly of Libertarianism, pt. V: Ayn Rand does not Reflect Reality and is a Terrible Author

Note: this is part five, parts one, two, three, and four may be found here. While the most dogmatic followers of Ayn Rand refer to themselves as “Objectivists”, self-described Libertarians, such as former Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, vocally express respect for the literature and political writing of Ayn Rand. While Paul himself denies […]