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Concocting Alba: The Jacobite Uprising of 1745, Victorian Fashion Trends, and the Invention of Scottish Nationalism, Or, Mel Gibson isn’t a reliable historical source

Scottish culture is replicated and reenacted throughout the Commonwealth and the English speaking world. Highland games, family tartans, Robbie Burns recitals, screenings of the film Braveheart, and the necessary eating of haggis may be found throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and wherever Scots settled. However, many of these cultural festivities are an invention of […]

The Post-Industrial Revolution and the Alleged Crisis in Youth Masculinity

Vice Magazine, British edition, recently ran an article discussing the use of creatine, a muscle enhancer, and the subculture surrounding it among young men in United Kingdom. Other news outlets, as well as Psychology Today have used the same phrase of a “Crisis in Masculinity”. While the article contains a handful of historical references, based […]

There’s no such a Thing as a Dumb Question, Part I: “When was the Middle Ages?”

Everyone remembers the line the teachers feed us in elementary school: “There’s no such a thing as a dumb question, so don’t be afraid to ask!” This line usually backfires and makes the whole class think they may have thought of the first “dumb question” in history, or the class feigns laughter upon hearing an […]

The Christianization of Poland

The nation states of East Central Europe have historically found themselves within a crossroads of different civilizations, religions, and feuding Great Powers. Poland in particular has occupied a heavily contested piece of Europe for its entire history. Different political arrangements that arose in Poland and East Central Europe would exist within perpetually contested space. Different […]